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30th June 2016
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6th November 2016

Hjælp: Downtime lifesaving

“Hjælp” (Danish for: help) is one such project. Its message and goal is to shift some focus from ‘self’ to ‘help’. The project is inspired by everyday observations in several urban settings as well as the political and social climate in Kingdom of Denmark, which is our base.
It’s our experience that big number of voting body in “the happiest nation on earth” is driven by self-serving choices and we feel that we as a society should be focusing more on equality. This can be achieved in many ways, but starting point should be by helping those who need it and even in a society

This project is, in all its simplicity, a humble way of trying to shad some light on some of the many issues. We have done this, not by creating a visually outstanding piece of design, but by simply trying to catch people’s attention by combining the urban setting with the digital one.
“Hjælp” is one of our free-time projects, whose goal is to try to shift some focus from ‘self’ to ‘help’.

The main reason for the existence of SonicView Design Studio is the fact that we just can’t store our creativity, passion and visual explosions into the 9-5 type of environment. This means that SonicView is many aspects is open 24/7. It can be early morning web coding, mid-day layouting, late night photo shoots, but it can also be a project that has nothing to do with clients or the job as such.

At SonicView DesignStudio sometimes we can’t help, but try to leave a positive footprint on our environment. We like to call these kinds of projects for ‘after hours projects’ despite the fact that we don’t really have working hours at our design studio.

Urban setting

We’ve created simple flyers and hang them different places in the city of Copenhagen.
Flyers are analog channel of communication and we decided to play further on the idea by adding the cut-offs at the bottom. Placed on those are homepage addresses of SOME the charity organizations. The idea was to play on the well-known flyers form from before the digitalization and in with that retro-feel catch the passers-bys’ eye.

The interplay between the urban and digital setting is further strengthen by the design of the rest of the flyer, which clearly plays on the digital aspect and Google search engine in particular.

Digital setting

Google-aspect of the design is there to remind us on how easy it is nowadays to find ways to help those who need it. Besides the digital aspects of the flyer design, digital channels on their own, play the significant part of the project as well. The flyer communicates links to several Internet homepages as well as “#hjælpandre” (Danish for: help others) hashtag, which will hopefully accompany the the pictures on social media posts.
Last but not least the flyer includes a QR code, which, if scanned, links to this page, where anyone can download the PDF version of the flyer, which they then can print out themselves and hang around their city.

To start with the campaign is only available in Danish, but there is a possibility for ordering the flyer in your local language. If you are interested in doing that or you have any other questions, please contact us about by using the contact form below and we’ll take it form there.

Thank you for reading, thank you for sharing & thank you for caring.