14th June 2014

Holidays in Copenhell 2014

Copenhagen celebrated its 5th year in Hell.
12th December 2014

Amagers fodklinik visual ID

Visual ID for Amagers fodklinik is finished. Now off to web part of the project.
20th January 2015

Amagers Fodklinik homepage is now online!

After creating Visual ID, now the website and Facebook pages are live.
13th February 2015

Fit For Living clinic

Complete visual ID & responsive website for Fit For Living clinic.
20th April 2015

Our shots made it to Musikmesse in Frankfurt … and beyond

Music freak? Have you seen our shots?
26th April 2015

Off to Scotland for some Irish Therapy?

Irishmen’s Church of Noise in the very heart of Scotland.
5th May 2015

SonicView Design Studio goes Metal!

After years of collaborating with this unique online music magazine in form of live photography and numerous graphical and web related tasks, we are proud to announce that we have started work on all-new visual and website for Metal Revolution.
9th June 2015

Fit For Living website is now online

Complete visual ID & responsive website for Fit For Living clinic.
23rd June 2015

No signs of slowing down

One year after its fifth celebration Copenhell shows no signs of hangover.
21st July 2015

Welding a new piece of metal

For a while now we’ve been working on a brand new visual ID and new website for Metal Revolution online music magazine. Soon we’ll be able to present you with the final results.