21st October 2020

SonicShot Photography

Complete visual ID and a brand new website for SonicShot Photography.
5th October 2020

PANTONE by Copenhagen Design

Annual catalogues 2018, 2019 and 2020, business cards and other visual tasks.
16th April 2019

Moment of artistic clarity

The toughest part of capturing the live music experience is not tackling the technical issues connected with the setting, but rather understanding the art that is unfolding on stage and connection that arises from it is. This is our expertise.
19th March 2019

On a (perpetual) go

More than ever before, we’re on the go. That’s why all SonicView Design Studio’s websites come with a free app for your smartphone.
17th April 2018

nv s ble Silhouette

Complete visual ID and a brand new website for the musical project nv s ble Silhouette.
7th December 2017

Complete web maintenance

Besides designing and crating your online presence and identity, it’s also possible to make an annual maintenance deal with us.
3rd July 2017

A good story needs a good photo

Pictures have the power to make anything better.
21st May 2017

Bringing XXI to MMXVII

A lot can happen in 9 years. Nonetheless with a website.
6th November 2016

Web imitating life life imitating Web

There was a time when having a website was an advantage, but nowadays a website is a necessity. Advantages come in form of cross-platform websites, which can be updated + edited, on the go or from the comfort of your home. Enter SonicView Design Studio…
17th October 2016

Hjælp: Downtime lifesaving

Hjælp” is one of our free-time projects, whose goal is to try to shift some focus from ‘self’ to ‘help’.
30th June 2016

Passion for passion in music

Festival season is among us and with that come even more photo assignments for us.
10th April 2016

Urban Mescalero … GO!

All-new website and visual ID upgrade for UrbanMesclaero Photography is now live!