1st April 2016

The factor X idea

To commemorate our 10-year anniversary we invited you to come up with ideas for what you’d like us to create as our gift to you … on our birthday. And the winning idea was this simple idea that speaks volumes.
1st January 2016

Putting life in live photos

Live music photography is about capturing the mood and the energy of a show. We’ve been doing it for almost a decade now.
5th May 2015

SonicView Design Studio goes Metal!

After years of collaborating with this unique online music magazine in form of live photography and numerous graphical and web related tasks, we are proud to announce that we have started work on all-new visual and website for Metal Revolution.
20th April 2015

To Musikmesse in Frankfurt … and beyond

Music freak? Have you seen our shots?
12th December 2014

Amagers fodklinik visual ID & homepage

Visual ID for Amagers fodklinik is finished. Now off to web part of the project.