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21st May 2017
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7th December 2017

A good story needs a good photo

Time has come for another photo update. Lately we've been very active on this front and summer is always our busiest photo period, nonetheless because of the numerous music festivals that take place here there and everywhere.
And yes, photography has the power to uplift just about anything, especially if the pictures are also telling the story themselves. That's not easy to achieve, but who better to do the job than someone who has vast experience in the field and has passion for capturing the magic of live musical performance?
We have been part of musical environment for decades and have been working with musical photography for over a decade. We know what it takes and we know that a pretty shot is far form enough. The shot needs to capture the magic of the given live show. That's what we do.

Here are some of the latest shots and of course you can find many more in our photo section.