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10th April 2016
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17th October 2016

Passion for passion in music

Festival season is among us and with that come even more photo assignments for us.

Live music photography is about capturing the mood, passion and the energy of a show.
When shooting live musical performance it’s important to capture the very essence of the given show and that takes more then a good camera or even general photographic skills. It takes is the understanding of the music, performer’s relation with the crowd and nonetheless a passion for and understanding of colossal field.
We’ve been doing this for a long time and our passion for music and live performance (as the most primal form of music) has only grown over the years.
The digitalization of music and lower earnings from music sales have had a negative affect on the artist. But this has resulted in more opportunities for fans to experience live music, because playing live has become much bigger source of income and promotion for the artist.

Below you can see some of the latest examples of our live photography. For the overview of photos, we’ve taken over the years please head over to photo section.
To contact us regarding the existing photos or possible future collaboration please head over to the contact page.