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20th April 2015
10 Years of SonicView Design Studio
11th November 2015
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SonicView Design Studio goes Metal!

After years of collaborating with this unique online music magazine in form of live photography and numerous graphical and web related tasks, we are proud to announce that we have started work on all-new visual and website for Metal Revolution.

We’ll be also creating a completely new responsive website for them. The project is time-consuming nonetheless because of migration of huge amount of data, but we do hope to launch the brand new site in mid-summer. We’re well into the new visual ID task and at this time we’d like to present you Metal Revolution’s new logo.
The minimalistic, flat and clean aspects of the logo are the dominant ones, but they are combined with minor rough and noise aspects to give the logo the right feel.
Another big aspect of the logo is the story within the logo. There are number of hints in the logo, which play off logos from some of the most prominent artist of the genre – classic ones as well the modern ones. Perhaps you can spot some of them?

The overall result is a logo that is contemporary, yet true to the roots and it’s a logo that hold on to numerous layered stories evident to those culturally involved into the genre

Much more to come soon.